The Kitchen Sink - a Competition!

I have often wondered what kind of savory dish could be called 'The Kitchen Sink'. Well...

I challenge you to send me your photo or recipe of the Healthy Dishyou would consider fit to hold that Title!(No sugary desserts or fast food allowed!)

My contender is made from 4 dishes that my daughter and I cooked yesterday, with a bowl of each left over.  Hers was a 1) Red Cabbage, Celery and Carrot medley, and my three were 2) Swiss Chard with Tomato Paste, Onions, Garlic and a bit of lemon and sumac, and 3) Carrot, Green Bean, Red Pepper, Onion with Red Vinegar and Olive Oil, and 4) Pearl Barley Pilaf.

So I mixed the lot and heated them up.  The colors were lovely, and I realized that in this concoction were some of the Super Foods that boost our antioxidants and a wonderful array of vitamins. Low fat, high fiber, and delicious!

I tend to do this when I have 3 - 4 small bowls of leftovers and I am rushed for time.  Most every time the results have been quite pleasing... most of the time that is... yeah mostly.

I'm calling this the RainbowKitchenSink.

Waiting to see how creative you can get... :)

mixed veg dish
mixed veg dish

Send 'em in...  tic, tic, tic...

Kitchen sink award
Kitchen sink award

Here is the Award!

~Get cookin' ♥