Turning Back Time with ... Gum

My goodness... just think how many gazillion dollars could be made by this chewing gum company if every kid and adult who indulged in potty mouth language, had to chew 2 pieces every time they said a poopie word! ! (Yikes, does that count?) When we were young Mom would reach for the Tabasco bottle whenever a nasty word, no matter how mild, slipped out of our mouths!  I did a lot of running until I was able to control my mouth... and I DID learn to do so.

My high-schooler told me he wished he lived in a different time, when kids didn't talk in 4-letter words, and cared about their appearance. He wold have fit in well in the 50's.

When he turned 14 he would wear a suit jacket to school on Fridays. He is still doing that in high school.  He'll wear a suit and tie on some days, and then swing the other way and wear a purple kimono with a dragon climbing up the back!  He makes a splash either way, and likes to poke at people's shock threshold, but Thank God, in a mild way.

I'm so thankful it's clothing and not drinking or piercings or tattoos, not that the latter two don't look good on many people. 

Cheers! ♣