The First Take-Away Meal Service for Cancer Patients

My research and experience or the last 8 years on health and nutrition has led me to understand how powerfully certain foods, herbs and spices can impact our health.  Certain combinations up the effects through synergy.

I have also grown to appreciate that people undergoing treatment often have little energy or mind-space to plan and cook healthy meals. 

With a compromised immune system proper nutrition, avoiding problematic foods, and eating organic are crucial for recovering health.

It’s also important to keep up calorie intake, so patients don’t lose weight, even though their taste buds and appetite might be affected by the treatments.

Beginning October 16th 

my company, Circle the Table, will offer take-away meals based on an Anti-Cancer diet, for patients in treatment.

If you know anyone in the San Francisco Bay Area, who may benefit from this service please forward this to them.  Send me a message with your referrals for a thank you gift for every sign up.

Flyer image.JPG

I would like to open a series of locations to cater to patients when they need the most support, physically and emotionally.

Eventually we hope to add a delivery service and an option to book a Reiki healing session at the same time.

In good health!