Re-Think Breakfast

It's somehow foreign to us to think of eating vegetables at breakfast, and yet in many parts of the world a breakfast without fresh vegetables or herbs is incomplete. Having grown up in a Mediterranean country, we always had a plate of freshly sliced tomatoes, cucumber, onion (yep), and some parsley and fresh mint at the table. A bowl of mixed, brined olives and strained yogurt (Labneh) were also part of the main cast.

It's time to embrace that thinking.  Nutritionists tell us that half our plate should be 'green'...well breakfast is no exception.

When I cook veggies I make enough to last 3-4 days.  They keep well, and then I don't have to work at making breakfast healthy.

This morning I tossed some green beans and a smattering of kale cooked with onions, garlic and sumac on my plate... a little romaine and tomato salad dressed in a lemon vinaigrette, add a scrambled Omega-3 egg for protein and a high fiber piece of toast... and Voila!

My cup of Dragonwell green tea with a hint of black pepper (for super antioxidant benefit) is the cherry on top.

  • Get creative.
  • Keep enough cooked or raw veggies on hand to make breakfast a no-brainer.
  • Brew 4-5 cups of green tea at a time so it's there when you want it.