Saturday Class in Concord


Saturday Class in Concord


Periodically I will offer a live session on Pathways to Healing.

  • Disease is a tap on the shoulder  
  • Your attitude, actions and clearing emotional blocks are the key elements in successfully healing  
  • Illness like cancer is a request for change  

Join me as we explore powerful Pathways to Healing.

I am a health guide, chef, blogger, and writer.  I have spent seven years researching the effects of lifestyle, foods and emotional states on health, more specifically to cancer.
1.    The conditions necessary to achieve or recover optimal health
2.    Why you don't heal: the forgotten aspects of healing
3.    How to manage you own health/recovery
4.    Resources and venues appropriate to your situation
5.    How to infuse your surroundings, your mental and emotional state with the energy which manifests good health
6.    Recommended reading to support our discussions
7.    Practices that can significantly aid your body to heal
8.    What to pay attention to in your diet
9.    Clinically proven supplements that support the healing process
10.    Why and how the people around you have significance
                                Awaken the Healer Within You!

Limited to 8 people per session.  

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