1 hour Phone/Skype Consultation


1 hour Phone/Skype Consultation


I offer Consultations on Foods and Lifestyles that prevent disease and boost your immune system, giving you the strongest power to heal.

I work with Cancer patients to help create targeted diets and nutritional plans which aid in healing, strengthening, and energizing.

Click here for more detail: http://cookingupthecure.com/consultations/

If you would like to schedule a consultation, please book now. You will receive an email with dates and times to best suit your schedule. 

*I recommend scheduling at least a full hour for the first consultation, unless you only have a specific question.

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I provideconsultations to help you navigate available treatment options and discuss what you should be doing right now. 

Depending on your situation, I can provide referrals to nationally recognized Integrative Medical Professionals to help you with decisions, and to tailor clinically-proven supplement regimens to strengthen your immune system and help any other treatment work more effectively.

We will discuss the important steps to take to help your body get through chemo and/or radiation with minimal side effects; how to deal with hair loss; how to use positive thinking to skyrocket your healing; and how to put together meals to help your body maintain its strength.