Pathways to Holistic Healing


Pathways to Holistic Healing


Join me for weekly, online 40-minute sessions.

This course is based on many years of research, numerous consultations with prominent healers and top integrative medical practitioners, and an amazing personal journey to health.

As a chef and intuitive health guide, I will offer information on foods/spices and cooking methods that will support your immune system and your health goals.

By the end of the course you will:

  1. Understand why 85% of disease can be avoided and how
  2. Learn the five elements that create a foundation for good health
  3. Learn how energy bound by old experiences prevent you from healing and what to do about it
  4. Develop new thought patterns that can change your life
  5. Have access to courses and healers that can aid your progress

I will email Zoom link and details 3 days before each session.

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Over the weeks we will discuss:

  • ·      The conditions necessary to achieve or recover optimal health
  • ·      Why you don’t heal: the forgotten aspects of healing
  • ·      How to manage you own health/recovery
  • ·      Resources and venues appropriate to your situation
  • ·      How to infuse your surroundings, your mental and emotional state with the energy which manifests good health
  • ·      Recommended reading to support our discussions
  • ·     Practices that can significantly aid your body to heal
  • ·     What to pay attention to in your diet
  • ·     Clinically proven supplements that support the healing process
  • ·     Why and how the people around you have significance
  • ·     And more…