Powerful Paths to Holistic Healing


Powerful Paths to Holistic Healing


Join me for weekly, online 40-minutes sessions.

Over the weeks we will discuss:

  • The conditions necessary to achieve or recover optimal health
  •  Why you don’t heal: the forgotten aspects of healing
  •  How to manage you own health/recovery
  •  Resources and venues appropriate to your situation
  •  How to infuse your surroundings, your mental and emotional state with the energy which manifests good health
  •  Recommended reading to support our discussions
  • Practices that can significantly aid your body to heal
  •  What to pay attention to in your diet
  •  Clinically proven supplements that support the healing process
  •  Why and how the people around you have significance
  • And more…

Based on 7 years of research, numerous consultations with a variety of impressive healers and top integrative medical practitioners, and an amazing personal journey to health.

As a chef and nutrition guide, I can offer information on foods/spices/cooking methods that will support your immune system and your health goals.

Will email Zoom link and details 3 days before each session.

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