Deodorant - Healing and Pure

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Deodorant - Healing and Pure


Both roll on deodorants and spray on deodorants present a health risk and have been associated with a wide variety of health disorders, including breast cancer. They include harsh chemicals and aluminum, which is an irritant and inflammatory.

Our deodorant includes only safe, practically food-grade ingredients that are effective.

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Our deodorant has a light scent from the healing essential oils and contains odor-defying Diatomaceous earth and Coconut Oil.
Our ingredients are: anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and skin soothing.

USE: Put small dab under each arm, and rub in gently. A little goes a long way and offers all day protection.  Repeat after exercising.

Our customers write:

After using this amaZing natural product, I would recommended it to any and all women. It is truly natural, love the lavender aroma and it really protects and no harm or chemical ingredients..!!! Ready to make the change!! I would love to order 2 or 3 for friends and family members.”  MMW, California
I am also a believer! I wore this through dance and Nextbarre classes and was astonished with how well it works!  Love. It!”  KH, California