Low Fat, Tasty Black Bean Dip

This recipe is full of fiber, as well as antioxidants from the garlic and tomato paste. Recent research has shown that black beans provide special support for digestive tract health, and particularly our colon. The indigestible fraction (IF) in black beans has recently been shown to be larger than the IF in either lentils or chickpeas.

While some of the total carbohydrate content in black beans is lost along with the discarding of the soaking water, the amount of resistant starch remained unchanged. (Resistant starch is a type of carb that will typically make its way all the way down to the large intestine without being digested. Once it arrives in the large intestine, it can help support the growth of desirable bacteria in that area of the digestive tract.)

The seed coat of the black bean (the outermost part that we recognize as the bean's surface) is an outstanding source of three anthocyanin flavonoids: delphinidin, petunidin, and malvidin, as well as the super anti0xidant Quercetin.

Many public health organizations--including the American Diabetes Association, the American Heart Association, and the American Cancer Society--recommend legumes as a key food group for preventing disease and optimizing health. 3 cups of cooked beans per week is considered the minimal amount of recommended legume consumption.

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Serve Dip toasted whole wheat pita bread triangles (toast them yourself in a toaster oven), or high fiber crackers. Also good with carrots and celery.

Tasty Black Bean Dip

• 2 c. cooked drained Black beans • 4 tsp. organic Tomato paste • 3 Tbs. Water or Green tea • 2 cloves Garlic, minced • 2 tsp. Lime juice • 1/2 tsp ground Cumin • 1/2 tsp Sea Salt (or to taste) • 1/8 tsp Cayenne pepper (to taste) • 2 organic Green Onions, chopped • 2 Tbs. organic mild Green chilies, chopped

Olive oil (optional)

Process all ingredients except green onions and chiles in a blender or food processor until smooth. Garnish with remaining green onions and chiles and place in a serving bowl.

I like to drizzle a little olive oil on mine.  A little Olive oil every day is recommended for breast cancer patients.

Makes 2 cups

~ Buen provecho!