Welcome! I'm Huwayda, cancer health coach,Chef and mom. I Will show you how to address disease through A powerful attitude, confidence and nutritious foods. How to boost your immune system and gain more energy without having to sacrifice the foods you love (like Brownies!)

healing cancer with nutrition and food

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We are offering a Take-out Meal Plan for patients in the cities of Concord-Pleasant Hill-Walnut Creek, CA who are currently undergoing therapy for Cancer. 
Our menus are based on an Anti-Cancer diet, focused on supporting your immune system and depriving your body of the foods that contribute to cancer growth.

Improve your health + lose weight


heal disease


all with the power of food

All the recipes posted have healing qualities and are approved for diets that prevent the progress of disease, and in many instances, aid the healing process.

Eating healing meals will not only transform your energy and ability to fight disease, you'll also find a surprising bonus -- you'll lose weight effortlessly!

Clinical studies are finally beginning to compare the power of foods and supplements to toxic pharmaceutical drugs in the prevention or curing of disease.  In a number of cases food-derived treatments performed as well as (if not better than) pharmaceuticals, without any of the negative side effects.

So jump into the blog and see what kind of delicious healing, healthy foods you can eat to nourish your body during illness.


My Mission: to empower your health


In 2011, after a life transformation through cancer, and with the encouragement and the help of my darling daughter, I started this blog.

I help others navigate through the complex and at times frustrating journey from illness to good health without limited options. What makes us sick, which foods heal, and proven options to reverse inflammatory conditions like Cancer, Heart Disease and Type II Diabetes, are discussed here.

With over 6 years of research I've learned that the ‘food industry’ has become one of the guiltiest participants in the deterioration of our health.  Their ‘profit-at-any-cost’ value has compelled them to create addictive, nutrient-deficient processed foods that are making us sicker every day. Our children are at risk for diseases reserved for adults: diabetes, heart disease, depression, and cancer to name a few.

To equip yourself with the knowledge and power to prevent these diseases, and to heal yourself if you have one (or more) of them, is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself.

Join me in preventing and healing disease with Nature’s innate power! It all begins at your table...

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