This website is dedicated to providing information on nutrition, foods and lifestyles that fight cancer.


The information presented is a combination of the latest findings in Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), and the knowledge I gained from personal experience, and consultations with some of the leading CAM practitioners in the country.

"Conventional medicine" refers to main stream treatment options, for cancer that would mean Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy.

"Complementary medicine" refers to the use of CAM together with conventional medicine, such as using acupuncture in addition to more traditional approaches for pain relief.  Most use of CAM by Americans is Complementary.

Integrative medicinecombines treatments from conventional medicine and CAM, for which there is some high-quality evidence of safety, synergy and effectiveness.

And so It Unfolds...

My journey began in 2010 and has culminated in a wealth of knowledge that I feel compelled to share in the event it helps even one person navigate through the confusing and unsettling process of cancer treatment. I could not find a one-stop-shop for answers to my questions about Alternative or Complimentary approaches.  There were many resources, but all very scattered.

I was lucky to have a friend, retired from the medical field, who for a number of years researched Alternative treatments for some of her patients. She introduced me to two of the practitioners who supported me, and through them I got in touch with 3 other leading CAM specialists. These 5 were my Dream Team.

Without them I don't believe I would have made it through 4 months of dose-dense chemo and a month of radiation as wonderfully as I did, if at all!

Telling my Oncologist that I would be taking an Integrative approach to my recovery turned out to be pointless.  Because far from supporting me, her reaction exhibited an: "Isn't that nice" dismissive attitude.  Initially she suggested that Alternative medicine had failed me, hence there I was. I was extremely disappointed in her lack of sensitivity and total lack of knowledge about the critical role of nutrition in healing. Most Med Schools offer their students ONE Overview class on Nutrition.  Imagine that!

I knew from the beginning that I wanted to actively participate in my progression to good health, and under no circumstances would that have been possible without preparing my physical, emotional and psychological 'bodies'  to take the onslaught of treatment.  I needed the strength to stay as fit as possible and fight back.

No one needs to tell you that the effects of Conventional therapy can be devastating to your physical tissue, and just as toxic to our sense of well being and your faith in healing. When you feel awful it's harder to maintain a strong, positive attitude, but it's critical that you do.  Keep reminding yourself that 'this too shall pass'.

How this Blog Came to Be

Based on my experiences during this process, I became passionate about sharing what Ilearned. I hope I'm able to give back for all the Grace I received.

And so, with loving coaxing and invaluable help and support from my amazing dear daughter, we created what I hope to be a place where you can comfortably explore Complimentary or Alternative therapies, the latest findings on healing Supplements and Foods, and Recipes that help transform your body into an inhospitable zone for cancer and a paradise for your organs!

Find out which foods, herbs and spices act as a preventative or outright cancer destroyers, and which combinations work synergistically to make your immune system a ready warrior.


Consultation / Referrals

BEFORE you or someone you know begins treatment, please contact me.

There is much you can do to fortify your immune system and help to protect your tissue from the toxic effects of Chemo and Radiation.  When treatments are completed a maintenance plan can be devised to help keep you healthy.

I can refer you to top national health professionals who offer phone consultations and targeted nutrition/supplement plans.

I provide dietary consultations and treatment options.

~ Be well! ♥