Pink Lime Coconut Cooler - and Vines on the Loose

Our Squash and Tomato plants are growing far beyond the generous 4' x 8' raised bed boundaries we thought they'd settle in quietly. The tomatoes are about 3.5 feet tall...

tomato plants 07272014
tomato plants 07272014

and the squash have spread down the 18" sides and are making their way across the back lawn to who knows where!

I won't even describe the pumpkin vines - and the beanstalks.. well, they would make Jack proud.

We have to get out and water before the heat of the day... before 8:30am these days. It's been in the low 100's for the past handful of days, and boy are we all ready for a break.

This afternoon, after picking my son up from work and driving to a friend's house to relieve her of a silk Ficus tree she no longer could accommodate, we rushed into our cool home yearning for something to quench our insides.

A bunch of organic limes sat on the counter, and I started singing, "She put the lime in the coconut and drank them both up.." and then it struck me!

A Tropical Cooler is Born!

Now, I'm not sure how unique this is.. but I don't believe I've come across a similar medley of ingredients.

I squeezed 3 organic Limes, added some thick Coconut milk (about 1/2 cup), a couple of Tablespoons of Raw Honey, a cup of cold Water, and a jigger of Black'n'Blueberry Juice.

A couple of ice cubes and a straw.. and Wow!  Delicious, refreshing, and good for you.

Adjust honey and water to taste... I liked it on the tart side.

~ Cheers! ♥

Apple Beet Celery Juice - ABC for Good Health

This juice is a nutrient packed medley of red apple and powerful vegetables, tailored to boost your immune function and reduce inflammation. Apple Beet Celery Juice

Remember if you want to harness the maximum amount of enzyme power and vitamins from foods you juice, you need to use a juicer that does not create 'heat' when processing.

A juicer with metal parts will break down the enzymes, as will a juicer which has a motor close to the juicing mechanism.

Here are two examples:

1.  Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juicer

>> Features: Stainless Steel Blades

Hamilton Beach juicer

2. Bella™ High Power Juice Extractor

>>  The cutter blades sit right on top of the Motor.

Bella Juicer

It's worth the small investment to buy a masticating juicer, that will keep the nutrients in your foods intact, and thus contribute to your good health.

I own an Omega Juicer like this one:

omega juicer

Notice that the motor is in the back of the machine, away from the chute.

Also, there are no metal parts in the 'juicing' mechanism... instead there is acplastic rotating grinder that basically chews the foods releasing the juice.juicer mechanism




Apple Beet Celery Juice

Strong anti-oxidants and vitamins.

  • 1 small, or half a medium organic Red-skin Apple
  • 1/4 organic Beet
  • 3-4 organic Broccoli florets
  • 2-3 stalks fresh organic Celery
  • 1 organic Red Radish (2 if small)
  • 1/2 large Carrot
  • 3 leaves organic Red or Green Leaf Lettuce
  • 2 tsp. fresh organic Lemon juice (add at the end)

Apple Beet Celery Lettuce Juice

Cut each item into slices that will fit the juicer's chute.  Add lemon juice at the end.

Juice all, and drink up!

TIP: Save the pulp and add to stew, soup, or muffins!  You can freeze it and use it later.

When Should I Drink My Juice?

It's best to drink your juice on an empty stomach, either first thing in the morning, or an hour away from meals.

This will allow you to absorb the maximum amount of nutrients.


If you are just beginning to juice, and your normal diet includes many processed foods or refined sugar, take it slow!

Start by juicing once every 2 - 3 days and increase the amount slowly.  The reason for this is that when you juice, your body absorbs the nutrients very quickly, and will begin to detox your cells.

If you detox too fast, it can overload your liver and kidneys and make you feel sick.

Another caution is juicing fruits.

Most fruits are high in sugar.  You don't want to include many fruits in your juices since they will spike your blood sugar.

Diabetics should consult their doctor or a nutritionist before beginning a juicing regimen that includes fruit.  Vegetables are not a problem.

Choose a small red apple (actually lowers blood sugar when eaten with the skin), or 2 small slices of pineapple, half a peach, or half a pear per juice.  These fruits are lower in sugar.

BERRIES - are Great.. but with the exception of Cherries, don't juice well.

~ Cheers!