Egg, Veggie and Complex Carb Breakfast

Breakfast idea 1

Egg n Veggie

Here is an example of a healthy and tasty breakfast that follows the breast cancer diet guidelines: no dairy, no sugar, no simple carbohydrates and healthy omega3 fats.  Aim to make 1/2 your plate full of color (veggies), 1/4 protein and 1/4 complex carb.

Spinach cooked with a smattering of onions and seasoned with black pepper, salt, a touch of allspice and dry mint. I sprinkle probiotics on two of my meals to get 1/4 tsp a day.  Our tummy needs help processing foods properly many months after treatment.

Sprinkle a little black pepper or squeeze lemon in your green tea (4 -5 cups a day) to explode the antioxidant benefits! Also, freshly ground flax seeds sprinkled on your cereal or on foods is highly beneficial... per our list of Fantastic Foods.

Coconut oil has become my bread spread of choice.  Recent studies are astounding on the benefits of coconut oil.  Click here for more info.

~ Bon Appetit!