7 Random Things.. About Me

To fulfill the Versatile Blogger Award requirement, here are 7 Random things about myself: 1. I am passionate about: My children, my faith, good health, compassion for others, understanding teens and their struggles, speaking up when something looks shady.

2. From a shy wallflower in my teens, I've grown to be more like my Mom, outspoken and kinda opinionated! lol.  No body messes with my family without hearing about it (much to the chagrin of my children). :)

3. I love to belly dance, and dance in general.  Once the music starts, it's hard to keep me down.

4. I love cats although I pretend they are a pain and I huff about cat hair.  I had one outdoor cat, then my boyfriend moved in with his two (outdoor), then my daughter pawned two of hers on me (one indoors), and when I was going through Chemo, I waked into Petco on a Sunday (no, no, no..bad idea), and the next day went back and bought the baby black kitten (indoors) whom I named Basheera (arabic for "bringer of good news").  She brought me a lot of laughter, and now we have ... count them with me.. 1,2,3,4,5,6 cats!  AAAaaahhh!

5. Cooking brings me joy, and watching people happily gobble up what I make is instant gratification.

6. I miss many things about living on the Mediterranean: having my childhood friends around; lingering with extended family for 2-3 hours over multi-dish dinners; the small open-air Cafés at every curve on the mountain roads;  everybody you know converging to help when you need something; restauranteurs, taxi drivers, merchants and parking attendants remembering your name when you return more than twice; the amazing hospitality you are smothered with when there.

7. I am constantly working to shrink ego-based reactions and thinking, and expanding my ability to see the Divine in every situation and person.

~ Cheers!