Whimsical Eats

In my Appealing to the Eye post, I mentioned how visually appealing food just tastes better!  And if not better, well it sure draws you to want to try it. Getting children or finicky eaters to try something new or eat something 'healthy' is a challenge I'll bet each one of us has faced at one time or another.  But with just a little bit of creativity, they seem to be willing to override their objection if the food looks fun.

When my children were young, I told stories to distract them while eating, created faces on their sandwich bread by gluing pieces of fruit or cheese with peanut butter, or cut veggies in odd shapes.  It worked!

For Christmas, my daughter bought us two plates, one for me and one for my boyfriend, J.  This morning I was in a mood for a 'silly breakfast', a technical term referring to a plate of food that has an element of the ridiculous in it. I pulled out the "her's'"plate.

Don't you think your picky eater might be tempted to eat a flamboyant hat, earrings, and a bow in the shape of a heart and wings....and what if you expressed exaggerated distress as each item disappeared?

What do you think of my silly breakfast?  Would it pass the test?

What is your most creative way to get 'good' food into the stomachs of those you love?

breakfast face
breakfast face

~ Kawabunga! ♥