Think of One Word to Describe a Pie – Before You Read On!

Ok, how many of you said "Round"? How many of you said, "Sweet"? or "Apple" or "Pizza"?

Depending on the country you live in.. the word "Pie" will evoke a variety of images or adjectives. But no matter what the particular response is, it probably includes a smile and a yearning.

Pierogi (Polish), Kulebyaka (Russian), Steak and kidney pie (British), Zwiebelkuchen (German), Tourtière (French Canadian), Banitza (Bulgarian), Kreatopita (Greek), Fatayir (Lebanese), Torta de frango (Brazilian), Bunuelos (Mexican).

Pies are comfort food...especially the ones you can hold in your hand, warm from the oven, whisps of steam rising from the flavorful filling.

I think there is something very earthy about me they're usually all about the crust... and then about the filling.  And if they're about the filling, I love them even more because it's encased in a buttery crust. True?

Pies can be round, square, rectangles, triangles, crescents and shapes that defy description!

On my Cancer Prevention diet, I have to be very careful about the amount of Carbs I eat, since we all know they cause our blood glucose levels to spike, and Cancer feeds on Glucose (those pesky rat finks).

But I don't believe in depriving oneself of comfort foods, because they nourish your soul, and healing and staying healthy means taking care of ourselves in a holistic way... body, mind and spirit.  If one is off, you're out of synch and susceptible to illness.

I've successfully experimented with whole wheat and barley flour crusts that use coconut or olive oil instead of butter (depending on the type of crust or dough I need), and if I throw in some freshly ground flax seeds, I've upped the Fiber, so I can have a bit more per serving.  I make sure that I"m well within our Good Carb Formula.

When I think of Pie... the image that comes to mind depends on how hungry I am! If I've just had lunch or dinner, then it conjures up an image of a slice of apple pie





If I'm hungry, then I think of the Crescent-shaped Beef, Onion, and Pine nut pies Mom used to make, or the lemony Spinach Triangles I love so much.

What's your favorite pie...sweet or savory?

~ Cheers! ♥