Are You at Risk? Find Out in a Minute.

Metabolic syndrome is a precursor to diabetes, kidney disease, cancer and coronary artery disease.. and its symptoms are silent.. elevated blood pressure, insulin abnormalities, high cholesterol, and albumin in your urine.

However, there is an easy way to find out now.

A Simple Test  - Dr. Stephen Sinatra

Wrap a cloth tape measure around your abdomen, just above the hip bone. Keep the tape snug and measure your waist while breathing out, with your abdomen mearsure tapeThese waist sizes indicate metabolic syndrome:

  • 35 inches + for a woman
  • 40 inches + for a man

Belly fat is both unsightly and harmful.

This particular fat secretes a steady stream of chemicals that kindle inflammation throughout the body, damaging the lining of arterial walls, including the coronary arteries and blood vessels in the kidneys.If you are at risk, have your doctor run the necessary blood tests.

 ~ Be Well!