The Power of Mindfulness and Giving

The relationship between our mental 'health'... meaning our outlook on life and its events...and our physical health, has been well-studied and documented.happy There is no longer doubt that our state of being directly influences our body's ability to heal, and can make all the difference in that process.

I wanted to share this article to underline the importance of re-programming our tendency to feel doubt, worry and buy into the negativity surrounding any illness we may face.

I watched many, many silly comedies.. both movies and old TV shows.. in my healing process.  Laughter, feeling good, and believing you can lick whatever is going on... is half the battle.

"Richard J. Davidson, a professor of psychology and psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison... traveled to Davos for the 2014 World Economic Forum to help spread his belief that health and happiness are not abstract goals, but skills that can be cultivated with just a few hours of practice.strong or miserable

Davidson's research, conducted at his Center for Investigating Healthy Minds in Madison, focuses on the myriad ways in which contemplative practices can produce measurable changes in the human brain and body.

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~ Be Well!