Hoda's Fresh Salsa with Pear

After my massage therapy appointment this morning, I headed for Whole Foods to replenish my veggie bins. It's a bright, warm, sunny day in Northern California...a day that calls to you to walk among the produce bins!

I had a list.. and I allow myself to add about 4-5  things depending on what looks good that day.  Well, I came back with a couple of bags full, and laid them out on the counter to figure out what I wanted to play with first.  Since the bunch of Cilantro was huge, I decided to make it the star of this morning's creation.

I love pears when they're still crisp, so I picked one of them as the co-star.

2 cups packed organic Cilantro, chopped 1 med. ripe organic Tomato, chopped 1/2 Anaheim or Poblano pepper, minced 2 Tbs. minced organic Shallot 1/2 small under-ripe pear, diced 2 tsp. lemon juice 1 tsp. cider vinegar 1/2 tsp. Tabasco.. or your favorite chili sauce 1/2 tsp. salt.. or to taste

Mix all veggies and pear.  In small bowl, combine lemon, vinegar, and Tabasco, stir.  Add to veggies with salt, and mix.

Enjoy with homemade whole wheat pita chips*.

* Stack three loaves of whole wheat pita bread, and slice into 8 wedges like a pizza, or into squares. Separate the tops from the bottoms and place single layers on cookie sheets.  Mist lightly with virgin olive oil, and if desired a sprinkling of organic Garlic salt.

Bake in 400º oven until lightly brown. About 4-5 minutes. Time will depend on thickness of pita bread... so watch carefully because they can burn easily.

~ Cheers!