Collusion Between Government and Multi-national Firms re: GMO Foods

Do you still have any doubts that NO ONE is looking after Consumer Health?

Would you agree that a number of products on Grocery store shelves contain ingredients that are making us a sicker nation than ever before?

The U.K. Daily Mail has published a report revealing  -

emails between civil servants and the GM industry as they worked together on a media strategy to win over consumers skeptical about so-called Frankenstein Food (genetically modified).

Don't be fooled that this isn't common practice in the U.S.  Monsanto, and other corporations selling you food contaminated with toxic ingredients, own the politicians who make decisions about what you eat and what you are led to believe is ok to consume.
"Details of the emails have been made public after Freedom of Information requests by lobby group GeneWatch, which said the public would be shocked at the level of collaboration.

Environment Secretary Owen Paterson has pushed for faster approval of new crops and lobbying for public support.

Significantly, he decided to lobby the EU to allow biotech crops to be planted in Britain even if they are banned elsewhere.

...Often these exchanges coincided with major announcements by ministers which shifted Government policy to support GM, despite clear opposition among consumers."

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PLEASE Stand up for your right to know what's in your food.

STOP buying GMO'd foods and produce tainted with pesticides and antibiotics!

Our health and that of our children is being compromised daily in the name of profits.